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March 24, 2013 - Welcome to Summer Matsuri 2013

Hey everyone, it's that time again (actually... we're a bit early this year in announcing this...). It's Matsuri time! This time, for three four years in a row! What's a Matsuri? A Matsuri is a one-day mini-con, fully stocked with panels, cosplay contest, vendors, artists, AMVs, video games, game shows and more. Show up in your Saturday Con-finest and enjoy all that we have to offer, we'll be sure to show you a good time.

Although you may recognize this artwork, dialogue, and website, one thing that's sure to turn heads is another new location. Alas, the former Highlander Inn is closed, and the Courtyard Marriot in Concord a bit too far north for many of our attendees.

AAC's Summer Matsuri 2013 will be at the Best Western in Manchester, NH. This location is fairly close close to where the Highlander was, less that five miles!

Be sure to check out the rest of the website and check back often! Please bear with us as the website is being updated.

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